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What is a "line"?
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With Connexium, the definition of a phone line may be different than what you are used to. 

A line is used to make or receive a call, and it is shared between all of your extensions. When the call is complete, the line is now free and available for all extensions to use. The more lines you have, the more simultaneous calls you can make.

The use of lines is cumulated as follows:
-Call to an external number = 1 line
-Receiving a call on one of your numbers = 1 line
-Calls between extensions (extension to extension) = 1 line
-Access your voicemail (extension to mailbox) = 1 line
-Receiving a fax to your virtual fax = 1 line
-Send or receive a fax with a dedicated fax line = 1 line

How Can Lines Help You Save Money?

In short, if your phone device is idle, it is not using a line. That way, you don't have to pay for idle lines or devices that are not being used very often. You don't need a dedicated phone line for the fax machine you only use twice a month!

If you have questions about the way lines are being calculated, open a live chat session or send us an email at
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