Custom Messages With MOH

Music on hold with ads
Written by Connexium
Updated 10 months ago

Custom messages played while playing music on hold, also known as "music on hold with messaging," allow businesses to include promotional or informational messages for their customers while they are waiting on hold.

These messages can be used to upsell products or services, promote special offers or discounts, or provide important information about the company.

For example, a dental office might use custom messages while playing music on hold to promote their teeth whitening services or remind patients to schedule their next cleaning appointment. A furniture store might use custom messages to announce a sale or promote its financing options.

By using custom messages while playing music on hold, businesses can effectively communicate with their customers and potentially increase their sales.

Connexium offers a recording service for messages by radio announcers or other professionals. To know the rates for this service, please contact us.
Please note that professional recording is not included in the telephone service.
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