Attended Call Transfers

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A call transfer is a feature that allows a user to transfer an active call to another party or extension.

There are two main types of call transfer: blind transfer and attended transfer.

The Attended Call Transfer

An attended transfer, on the other hand, is a type of call transfer in which the user speaks to the recipient before transferring the call. The user initiates the transfer, but then places the call on hold while they speak to the recipient to confirm that they are available to take the call. Once the recipient confirms that they are available, the user can then transfer the call to them. Attended transfers are often used when the user wants to ensure that the recipient is prepared to take the call before transferring it.

The Blind Call Transfer

A blind transfer is a type of call transfer in which the user initiates the transfer without speaking to the recipient beforehand. The user simply inputs the destination for the call and the call is transferred without any further interaction. Blind transfers are often used when the user is not sure if the recipient is available to take the call, or when the user simply wants to transfer the call as quickly as possible.

Both blind and attended transfers can be useful in different situations, and the choice of which type to use will depend on the needs and preferences of the user.
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