Virtual Calling Queues

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Updated 10 months ago

Sometimes a company can’t answer an incoming call because all the employees are already on the phone or helping a walk-in customer. When this happens, the call goes to a waiting queue.

Instead of leaving a voicemail and having a member of your staff retrieve and listen to the message and call back; your caller can just wait a few seconds or a couple of minutes while listening to relaxing music.

Queues consist of: 

  • Incoming calls being placed in the queue
  • Members that answer the queue (extensions or users that login as agents)
  • A strategy for how to handle the queue and divide calls between members
  • Music played while waiting in the queue
  • Optional announcements for members and callers
Speak with your account manager to add or make any adjustments to your Virtual Calling Queues. 
Please note:
Per-minute charges apply for incoming calls to "1-800" toll-free numbers.
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